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by William Michael - Friday, 24 November 2017, 12:32 PM

Dear friends,

As I continue to work with students and publish the classical liberal arts curriculum, I also learn of resources that are needed and work to develop them as I'm able. I serve families coming from different backgrounds, with different needs, and desire to serve them well--because I believe I can.  I have a number of important items to announce as we wrap up 2017.

Please understand that these issues may not apply to your family.

1.  The CLAA's online home at has been completely redesigned for 2018.  It is a stand-alone system that students can work in with no need for outside resources--no Google Apps, no LMS, no email--nothing.  They can complete all of their studies  within that site with no need for any online "freedom".  As a teacher and father, I know that needs to be an option--and now it is.

2.  I have opened a Support Forum on that can be a central place for all questions and issues. I'll be on it constantly and promise it will be a great place for prompt support heading in 2018.

3.  I have created a new ticket system WITHIN the site at so students can submit and view support messages with no need for email accounts, etc.. 

4.  I have created a new chat room for meetings with students WITHIN the site at, so no students need to go to an Adobe Connect site to meet with me.

5.  I have restored the capability to provide students with student pages that feature only their current lessons in each subject, as was available when the CLAA first started.  I believe this is the best arrangement possible for students.

6.  I have restored the CLAA's original course enrollment form which allows parents to easily add new students and courses on a course-by-course basis.  I have also restored the CLAA's original no-fee payment plans for those enrolling in courses.

7.  I am making the CLAA's original single-assessment lessons available again, where lessons are completed when a single assessment is passeed with a 100% score.  

8.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, individual course enrollments are once again available for the first time since 2012.  Every course in the CLAA is available for individual enrollment for a set fee.  All of the necessary info is available at

All of these improvements I am making to make the parent and student experience SIMPLER and my own work more efficient.

If you'd like to discuss how these improvements can help your family, please contact me privately.

God bless,
William Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy