CLAA Transcripts

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CLAA Transcripts
by William Michael - Saturday, 10 June 2017, 3:07 AM

I am happy to share a template that I have developed and will use in the future with students who study privately with me in the CLAA.  This transcript will provide colleges or universities or religious communities with a very impressive summary of my students' intellectual progress.

While I am doing the work of restoring the classical liberal arts curriculum, directing students in the study of it and managing the transcripts, I can't fill those transcripts with great achievements.  Ultimately, that's each student's job.  The transcripts, however, give students a clear goal to work toward:  make your transcript as impressive as possible.  

On my transcript, there are no rewards for busy work.  Students must really study and prove their knowledge to gain any good marks.

I am available always to help you, but I will only help those who communicate with me regularly and prove that they are serious about their studies.

God bless, 
Mr. Michael