About the CLAA

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy was founded in 2008 with a very simple mission:

To research, restore, publish and teach the classical liberal arts curriculum.

Thanks be to God, we have made great progress in that mission.  We are in the progress of restoring most of the subjects that have been studied by Christians throughout history, subjects like Catechism, Grammar, Arithmetic, Geometry, Logic, Rhetoric, Moral Philosophy, Natural Philosophy, Theology and so on.  We do not claim to be "experts" on any of these subjects, but teaching our own ideas is not our aim.  We are seeking to recover and study the teachings of history's best men.

We are also working to make Christian education affordable for very family.  Our online courses are affordable for most families and we offer financial aid to any families that need it.  We also offer subscription plans that give families complete access to our for even more affordable monthly fees.

Looking to the future, the University of North Carolina's Board of Governors has recently approved our proposal to offer a Bachelor degree in Classical Christian Studies, opening the way for us to offer Christian students a complete pre-K through college study program.

We do not look to the future much, but concentrate on getting better every day, trusting in God's direction and blessing of our work.

"The CLAA offers extraordinary study programs for the best students.  Fidelity: Excellent  Resources: Excellent  Useability: Excellent."  CatholicCulture.org

William C. Michael (Founder)

Mr. Michael graduated from Rutgers University in 2001 with an Honors degree in Classics (Phi Beta Kappa) and Ancient History (Phi Alpha Theta), and has devoted himself to the improvement of Christian K-12 education ever since.  After a decade of successful prep school teaching, Mr. Michael left the classroom to devote himself to full-time independent work in the classical liberal arts.  In 2009, after spending some time in overseas missionary work, Mr. Michael opened the CLAA's first online study center and in 2015, a new, state-of-the-art LMS.  During that time, Mr. Michael opened the Beatitudes School in Monroe, NC to serve as a model for the development of future schools.  Mr. Michael can be reached by email at:  wmichael@claaonline.com.

Mrs. Dania Michael

Mrs. Michael graduated from Rutgers University in 1998 with a degree in Classics and worked as an elementary school teacher until her first child was born in 2000.  Since then, Mrs. Michael has been a full-time housewife and home-schooling mother to ten children:  Jonathan (2000), Elizabeth (2001), David (2003), Mary (2004), Samuel (2006), Jacob (2007), Joshua (2009), Daniel (201o), Isaiah (2011) and Anna (2014).

Mrs. Michael works to provide support for home-schooling mothers whose children study in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.  She can be reached any time at:  dmichael@claaonline.com.

The Michael family lives on a 60 acre farm in rural North Carolina.  You can learn more about the Michael Family Farm at: www.michaelfamilyfarm.com.

Jonathan Michael

Jonathan is a 17 year old CLAA student who studies in the Academy directed study program at  the Beatitudes School.  He is available daily to help students with any questions they have on lessons, quizzes and technical/website issues.   Jonathan teaches in the parish's Faith Formation program on Wednesday evenings and has served at the altar since he was 7 years old.  Outside of church and school, Jonathan's interests include weightlifting, keeping cattle, playing guitar and playing basketball.

Elizabeth Michael

Elizabeth is a 15 year old CLAA student who studies in the Academy directed study program at the Beatitudes School.  She is available to help students and parents with any questions they have on lessons, quizzes and accounting issues.  Elizabeth teaches in the parish's Faith Formation program on Wednesday evenings and occasionally assists at Mass.  Outside of church and school, Elizabeth's interests include rollerblading, exercising, raising dogs and working at the family farm market.

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