CLAA Directed Study Program

The mass of content published in the CLAA is surely overwhelming.  To help students work steadily through the core of the curriculum we offer a Directed Study program at  the Grammar School and Academy levels.  

Grammar School

  • Trivium:  Latin vocabulary and English Grammar.
  • Quadrivium:  Practical Arithmetic (Pre-Algebra) and an Introduction to Theoretical Arithmetic.
  • Philosophy:  World Chronology, Pliny's Natural History and Theophrastus' Characters.
  • Theology:  Sacred Scripture and the Baltimore Catechism.

  • Trivium:  Latin Grammar, Greek Vocabulary, Aristotle's Reasoning and Rhetoric.
  • Quadrivium:  Algebra, Classical Arithmetic, Euclid's Geometry.
  • Philosophy:  Aristotle's Ethics, Physics and Metaphysics.
  • Theology:  Sacred Scripture, Summa Theologica.
How It Works

The curriculum is arranged according to the subjects above, but divided into two cycles to be worked through over several years.  This allows students to move through the content of the curriculum steadily without the demand for mastery, while at the same time returning through the curriculum again until mastery is attained.  

If you have any questions about the CLAA's Directted Study Program, please contact Mr. Michael at  

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