CLAA Premium Services

In the CLAA, we serve a wide array of families, some wise, some simple, some rich, some poor.  To help individual students succeed in the study of the classical liberal arts, we offer a number of premium support services.  Any of the services may be subscribed to through the links below. 

  • Premium Assessment ($10/mo per student)
    Prompt assessment is a great encouragement to students.  The CLAA's Premium Assesssment service provides review and feedback of all student written work within 24 hours.  
  • Premium Support ($100/mo. per family)
    Families who desire additional help during the week, including private live chat meetings every Monday, can arrange such through our Premium Support service.
  • Premium Planning ($100/mo. per family)
    While the CLAA provides lessons for Independent or Directed study, some families would like to have their children's daily studies directed by experts. 
  • Latin Reading ($100/mo.)
    The challenge of learning Latin is great when a student has no access to others fluent in the language.  Mr. Michael offers weekly live meetings with students for Latin reading and discussion of the student's Latin studies.
  • Disputations ($100/mo.)
    The life and energy of classical studies come from student participation in disputations.  These exercises are conducted weekly among students and moderated by Mr. Michael.

These services are not necessary for all students, but can be most helpful to those who do need them.   If you have any questions about these services, please contact Mr. Michael directly at

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