New Support Tools!

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New Support Tools!
by CLAA Admin - Tuesday, 16 June 2015, 12:29 PM

Dear friends,

You'll see that a complete live support system is now available on all CLAA sites.  Whether you're thinking about adding a course, trying to set up a computer, working on an assignment, stuck on a quiz or looking for an article--help is a click away.  Feel free to give these tools a try, even if you don't need any help right now.  We won't mind.

1.  Help Center 

I am writing answers to all of the common questions we receive, and these are available in the CLAA Help Center.  If you click on the "Help" button at the bottom of any CLAA page, you'll see a box that asks, "How can we help?".  If you begin typing a question or simply entering key words, available topics will appear that will probably have the info you're looking for.  If not, you can just hit "Chat" and ask--and we'll make sure that question gets into the Help Center for the future.  You can also access the Help Center directly by going to

Note:  I would like to know of any questions that you think should be answered in the Help Center.  

2.  Live Chat

As a man who works in website programming and maintenance all day long, I like using live chat support when I need help.  If you do, we're available for live chat just about any time.  If you click the "Help" button at the bottom of the page, or use the Start Chat button on your dashboard, we'll help you out in a flash.  Mr. and Mrs. Michael, as well as CLAA tutors will be online, so you can ask just about any question and get help.

3.  Send a Message

Mrs. Michael doesn't like to use live chat but prefers to send a message and follow up by email when she's ready.  If you're the same way, you can use the message form on your Dashboard to send a text message and we'll follow up by email. 

4.  Ticket System

When you chat with us or send a message, our conversation will be assigned a ticket number, which you'll receive by email.  If you respond to our email, our conversation will be saved on that ticket.  On the Help Center page (see above), you can follow up on your tickets and make sure they get taken care of.   So, your help requests never vanish into cyberspace.

Please feel free to take some time to get to know these tools.  You can send a test message if you like, start a chat, etc.--even if you don't need any help right now.  We won't mind.  

If you have any questions at any time, please contact us!  We want to help you succeed in your studies and have the tools to do so.   

God bless you all,
Mr. Michael