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CLAA Greek Studies
by CLAA Admin - Monday, 25 May 2015, 12:18 PM

Dear students,

Any students currently using the CLAA LMS who have completed most or all of Latin Grammar I are welcome to join me in the new Greek Grammar I course I will be developing this summer.  It can be added with the distance learning enrollment key, and lesson 01, which teaches the alphabet and pronunciation can be started immediately.

I'll be focusing on this course and the new Latin Grammar I course all summer, and would appreciate it if the students would move through the course with me.  

I'll be opening the Gospel of St. John course in Greek shortly to go along with it...

You can access the Greek Grammar I course here:

God bless you all,
Mr. Michael

P.S.  I've been sick the past four days, so pardon any delay in responding to emails, etc..