Google Plus Restrictions

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Google Plus Restrictions
by CLAA Admin - Tuesday, 24 March 2015, 11:36 AM

Dear families,

I have decided to no longer make Google Plus available by default to CLAA students.  Google Apps for Education remain fully available, but not Google Plus, the social media service.

This decision was made because I do not have confidence that our students will be carefully supervised by parents in the use of them for their CLAA studies, and I will not allow myself or the CLAA to be the source of any stumbling block to the children using our program (Matt. 18:6).  The internet is an awesome benefit for students in this generation, but without responsible supervision, it sadly becomes a great occasion of sin as all potentially  good things do.  There are no magic computer programs or settings that will make diligent parental supervision unnecessary.  I have five children of my own using these tools every day and I know the tools are not, in themselves, evil, nor do bad things inexplicably happen to children while they are using them for studies under supervision.  Unsupervised students, however, or students just playing with these tools for no academic purpose get into trouble with them and if parents are not willing to maintain the good use of them, I am taking them away.  If the students were here, under my care, they would  not be playing with them--period.  Having already seen problems beginning, I have decided to nip all of this in the  bud.  We don't have the time for these troubles with so much good work to do.

I do not believe that removing Google+ access interferes in any way with any tools or functions needed by CLAA students.    Google+ will now be available by invitation only for CLAA students.

God bless,
Mr. Michael