Student Planners

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Student Planners
by William Michael - Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 7:28 PM

Dear friends,

I'm happy to announce that our old Student Planning service is available once again.  You can view a sample CLAA Student Planner here.

This is a common request we receive from parents and we experimented with a daily student planner service back in 2013/14, which went quite well.  That was when I decided we needed to build our own LMS and welcome boys to study here in North Carolina.  It was not a priority then, but we knew we had a good plan for the future when development quieted down.

Through this service we, literally, manage the daily studies of subscribed students.  We lay out a schedule of studies, and list each day's tasks on a form that students can fill out throughout the day.  When the form is returned to us, we review what's been completed and provide the student with an updated planner for the following day or week, depending on how frequently they are submitted to us.

This service is available by subscription to all students, whether they are enrolled in Independent Study courses or the  Directed Studies program.  

If you're a home-schooling parent who wants see your children enjoy an orderly pursuit of the Catholic classical liberal arts, here's a solution.

God bless,
William Michael

Update 2/17/2017 - This service has been made available at a discounted rate for families through the CLAA Premium Family Plan.