Summer Reading: Homer's Iliad with Mr. Michael

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Summer Reading: Homer's Iliad with Mr. Michael
by William Michael - Wednesday, 15 June 2016, 5:16 PM

This summer, I'd like to start a new habit of leading a group of students through a great work of literature with a unique Christian purpose that I had always focused on in my classroom teaching.  I'll be opening a course  on Homer's Iliad this week, in which we will study Samuel Butler's English prose translation of the work with our aim being (a) to become familiar with the content of Homer's poem for future Greek study and (b) to see how the ancient poem illustrates many Christian practices and teachings that can be lost by changing cultural conditions.  I will provide students with a CLAA version of the text with comment to help with all of the needed Greek mythology to understand the story and comprehensions to guide their reading (which I, myself, will grade).  

More information will be available shortly.