The Next Level

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The Next Level
by CLAA Admin - Monday, 16 March 2015, 9:31 PM

As students in the CLAA move into the higher levels of the classical liberal arts,  I can assure you that the work they will be doing is being done nowhere else--especially not in Christian circles.  Beginning in the Gospel of St. John lessons, and continuing through Cicero's Epistles, I have been leading CLAA students to fluency in Latin reading and preparing them to continue into the study of the classical texts.  When we get into Aristotle's works on Reasoning in Classical Reasoning I, the students will read the medieval Latin text that the Catholic saints studied and on which St. Thomas wrote his commentaries, which we will study.  These studies will begin with Reasoning, Physics and Ethics and continue into the Summa.  As we have good English sources for the Mathematical arts (for now), they are not our priority--but we'll get to them, too.

These new translation-based lessons are being published now, day by day.

W. Michael