K-12 Grade Level Studies

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K-12 Grade Level Studies
by CLAA Admin - Saturday, 14 March 2015, 1:56 PM

Dear parents 

As far back as three years ago, I announced our intentions to provide CLAA students with a complete K-12 program that allowed them to efficiently satisfy all modern grade level requirements, allowing Christian families to "give unto Caesar what is Caesar's" without neglecting the greater duty to give "to God what is God's."  Christian education cannot be allowed to be limited to the minimum requirements of citizenship or business.  The soul and intellect of human beings require much more to fulfill God's intention for them.  

What has hindered us from making this program available--after several attempts--was not my judgment of its importance or our ability to conceive the plan for studies, but rather our need for superior tools to serve our students well.

In 2015, I have procured those tools, and, have begun preparations for the CLAA's greatly needed K-12 study program, which will be opening for the Michaelmas term (September).  We will provide complete a K-12 study program right here in the LMS that brings all of the latest and best resources in education--both Christian and secular--to the service of our students.  While controversy surrounds the "Core Standards" in political circles, it won't matter for our children because we'll satisfy those requirements without allowing any influence on our children's Christian studies.  Plus, CLAA students will use resources that are known and respected among school superintendents and state education departments.  They'll know that we know what we're doing.

For distance learning families, this will, again, cost nothing beyond their monthly distance learning subscription.  For extern students, enrollment is ready online in the CLAA Enrollment Center.

God bless,

Mr. Michael