CLAA High School Program - Coming in September

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CLAA High School Program - Coming in September
by William Michael - Saturday, 12 March 2016, 8:36 AM

The mission of the CLAA is "to research, restore, publish and teach the classical liberal arts".  For students whose parents can provide for their future living, the free ("liberl") study of the classical liberal arts is the best educational option.  For students who face the challenges of making a living in the world, the need to integrate, at some point, with the secular market requires most to integrate with the modern educational system.

Throwing kids to the world with "they need to make a living" as the excuse is reckless and sets temporal needs over eternal needs, which is immoral.  Most modern high school programs subject Catholic children to worldly fads and methods that are not even effective at what they are intended to do.  Many parents are intimidated by the college admission process, or the prospect of future employment opportunities, and make decisions influenced more by anxiety and intimidation than prudence.  

To help provide Catholic children with a balanced educational program that will help them prepare for the future, we will be opening the CLAA High School program in September 2016.  This will be a four-year study program designed to serve the modern 180-day school calendar.  It will provide a complete curriculum that incorporates many of the benefits of CLAA studies with modern Math and Natural Science.  It will be thoroughly Catholic and philosophically consistent, allowing Catholic parents to provide their children with a high school education that in no way compromises the Catholic faith.  Students who wish to go beyond the high school requirements will have the whole CLAA course catalog open to them, which will allow them to do what the best college admissions advisors are telling them to do:  pursue the most challenging high school curriculum possible.  This will be the default program studied by students at the Beatitudes School here in North Carolina.

It will also be the most affordable high school program available as we take advantage of our existing online resources to make the resources available in and through the CLAA's existing LMS.  Best of all, the CLAA High School program will be included in the CLAA Family Plan for families subscribed before April 30, 2016.  

The program will make use of a powerful new grade and transcript system currently being developed which will stand beside the LMS and provide complete school transcript and records services for CLAA students.  

There is no need to compromise the Catholic faith for vocational preparation.   Nor is there any need to settle for low academic standards to keep the Catholic faith.  The CLAA High School program brings the quality of CLAA religion and academics together with the demands of excellent modern college preparatory studies in a single program.  Please subscribe to the CLAA Newsletter for updates throughout the Spring and enrollment announcements this Summer.

Please pray that God would direct our work and help us as we bring this program together.

God bless,
William Michael, Director
Classical Liberal Arts Academy