Daily Planners (Distance Learning)

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Daily Planners (Distance Learning)
by CLAA Admin - Saturday, 14 March 2015, 1:16 PM

Dear parents,

You will remember that when the distance learning program was first opened, I was working to help parents plan not only their children's daily lessons, but their daily schedules and non-academic tasks as well.  We used simple Google forms to figure out what we would need to do before I began researching how I could do that in the best way possible..

Since then, I've built an entire new LMS and support system, but the daily planner has still been on the backburner.  

Until now. smile

I'm happy to announce that I  have developed a system that will allow us to direct the children's daily schedules as we originally intended to as we set our goals for a distance learning program.  What are those goals?  To allow teachers, parents and students to collaborate as efficiently as possible in directing daily students schedules and tasks.

The solution we have developed is better than our original setup was because it allows teachers, parents, tutors and students to all collaborate in the daily planners..  Even better, it is integrated into the CLAA's Google Apps system and the CLAA's new support system.

It's pretty awesome. 

So, I'd like to set up 10 solid distance learning students to test things out for a while and then ramp things up as we go.

I am confident that this arrangement will accomplish the goals I had in mind at the beginning.  Contact me if you're interested in this and we'll set things up and go from there.  

Planners will be available online at:

God bless,
Mr. Michael